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At MIDAS Aviation we understand that no two projects or clients are the same.

Over recent years we've used our detailed understanding of data to devise strategies for airports; assessed airline networks and opportunities, provided diligence for investment agencies and provided regulatory advice for Governments.We have experience in all areas of the aviation market, both geographically and by segment. Examples of our work include:


At MIDAS Aviation we  know that people are hard-wired to enjoy a good story. People remember stories and they pass them on. 

We remember this when providing content for clients. So, whether it's a social media post we're working on, a deep dive into a topic, or even a data visualisation, we always ask what story it is that we need to tell? What story will people remember? And more importantly, what story will they pass on?

As experts in aviation data, we work with clients to develop insightful content which draws on data to look back and understand the journey to here, but also looks forward to understand the strategic implications of where we are. We're not afraid to offer opinions but recognise the need to support them with evidence. 

Content such as Blog Copy, Insight Reports, Market Profiles, Advertorials and Industry League Tables are things we provide to our clients on a regular basis. 

By focussing on the story, we ensure that your audience wants to come back for more. By focussing on the data, we ensure that your audience can trust your content. 


We're not ashamed that everyone at MIDAS Aviation loves data. We know that data, and especially big data, is in vogue. Whilst data providers are working hard to make data accessible to more people than ever before, we recognise that accessing the value in your data can still be daunting, especially when you might have a million other things to focus on. 

Each of us at Midas Aviation has been at the coal face, in senior roles and in a range of aviation businesses. We are used to using data for everyday decision making, perhaps to convince a board of the need for investment, to make the case to an airline for launching a new route, or to gain insight into developing a new consumer product. Working competently with data is about more than just crunching the numbers. It's about interpreting trends, applying experience to the evidence, and developing insights about what we see. 

We've used all the main industry data sources, and many more besides, and we're passionate about helping others access and understand data. We have a particularly deep knowledge of, and insight into, OAG's data - in fact we think you'd be hard placed to find a team of people who know more about their products, but we don't restrict ourselves to a single source. We pride ourselves on our ability to source exactly what is the right data and analytic tool for each client.

We're also curious about data and are always on the look out for new solutions to old problems. That means you'll find us looking outside the industry and sharing best practices when we come across it. 


Every email brings a new challenge. We know from experience how easy it is to get caught up dealing with the smaller local issues in your market. But, your customers see you in the context of their strategy. Frequently we all get caught in the detail rather than seeing the bigger strategic issues and changes taking place that could affect your business; and when we do spot them its frequently too late; an opportunity missed, a service lost. 

We can provide you with that wider perspective, place context to what's happening, give you key insights that can translate into competitive advantage. Our databases, information network and research skills can be used by you to generate insights and actions quicker than your competitors. 


Learning from the best. Improving performance. Objective measurement.

At Midas Aviation we’ve been the force behind many of the leading industry benchmarking activities. We were behind the very first IATA Airport Monitor which compared what passengers thought of the airports they travelled through, which has now morphed into ACI’s Airport Service Quality product and is a major KPI for airports. And more recently we’ve provided the thought leadership and analytical framework at OAG which has resulted in the OAG Punctuality League and the OAG Megahubs Index. The OAG Punctuality League, in particular, is shining a light on on-time performance everywhere and creating an environment where more questions are being asked about what contributes to great on-time performance, what levers does an airport or airline have to improve performance and can punctuality play a greater role in messaging to travellers.

Talk to us if you’re interested in finding out what best-in-class looks like and gathering the data to determine where you sit among your peers.