Santa embraces new aviation technology

Santa embraces new aviation technology

Santa on plane.png

In one evening, he probably travels further than any frequent flyer and has, over the years, probably travelled on some very chilly equipment delivering all those presents. But perhaps, just like the rest of us, Santa is upgrading his choice of vehicle for this year’s dash around the globe.
It seems that the old fashioned B747 and the not-quite-so-old but increasingly selective A380 are losing out in the battle for aerial dominance, as our data below shows. 

Aircraft stats.jpg


This Christmas sees the increasing use of B787 and A350 as new aircraft roll off the production line, but the B747 has seen a 40% reduction in services operated. Although the A380 still shows some modest year-on-year growth, all of that is based on Emirates continuing to take a few more deliveries through the year.
So, it looks like Santa will be embracing new technology aircraft this year. Sadly, there’s no longer an upper deck for him to relax in when travelling across the oceans, but with newer lighter aircraft burning less fuel perhaps his cost of Xmas will be less!