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China- On Everyone’s Radar

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At MIDAS Aviation we have developed leading expertise in the area of air service development to and from China. It is no secret that the Chinese outbound travel market has been growing at an average rate of 11% a year for almost 20 years, making it – today – one of the most important aviation markets in the world. 

Air services to and from China are growing rapidly and there is plenty more growth in the market as Chinese airlines take delivery of the vast number of new aircraft on their order books, and as more and more Chinese travellers own a passport and start to venture outside China. 

But this isn’t a market just like any other. For those involved in air service development there are many challenges. 

MIDAS Aviation has been worked extensively with the Chinese market for a number of years, starting with the first China-Europe Air Service Symposium held at Surrey University back in 2016. Since then we’ve worked with our Chinese partner, Institute for Aviation Research, to create an important and growing event in the Chinese aviation calendar with the China-Europe Summits, held in Beijing in 2017 and 2018.These events enable foreign airports and airlines to engage with the key decision-makers in Chinese airlines and airports and hear from the senior policy-makers in the Government.  Round-table discussions with individual Chinese airlines provide invaluable insights and create the environment to start building relationships with counterparts. 


While many major airports are already well on their way to understanding and engaging with the Chinese market, at MIDAS Aviation we are aware that those airports which sit just below the top tier, and which could be potential destinations for Chinese air services in the next 5 years, are often daunted by the requirements of properly engaging with the Chinese market. So, we have created a workshop designed for a wide range of airport personnel which aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese market.


Aimed at-

What’s Covered-

2-3 hours

Network planners, route development, forecasting and planning, consumer insights, commercial, airport retail. 

Market – All about the size and growth of the outbound travel market; characteristics of the Chinese traveller; size and growth of aviation including patterns of growth and key country markets; Chinese airports; cargo

Media– The importance of social media to Chinese travellers; travel purchase decisions and influencers; the social media and digital eco-system; the cashless society and the implications for airports; role of Key Opinion Leaders.

Motivation– Why Chinese airlines choose to fly where they do; the role of the air service business case; Chinese airline groups, strategies, route networks and aircraft orders; government policy environment

Money– Profitability of Chinese routes; how important is profitability; the role of incentives; Chinese spending power; maximising non-aeronautical revenues.

At the end of the workshop we will work with an airport to fill in any remaining gaps in their knowledge about the Chinese market and work with them to audit the activity taking place at their airport to ensure the airport is China ready!

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