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Airline Dominance Across Asia Pacific

The second in-depth analysis in our latest series carried out by the Blue Swan Daily and MIDAS Aviation partnership considered the market share of dominant airlines at the biggest Asian and Australasian airports.

While the three major Chinese airports each have a dominant Chinese carrier (China Southern at Guangzhou, Air China and Beijing and China Eastern at Shanghai Pudong) many of the next tier of leading Chinese airports have no such airline domination. A similar situation is the case in Japan where only Tokyo Haneda has a very strong presence by one airline, in this instance, All Nippon Airways, and that is due to the historical slot restrictions.

Elsewhere across the region, it is still common for a national airline to dominate. Such as is the case in Vietnam where Vietnam Airlines has a dominant share of capacity at both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. It’s not just legacy carriers doing this but low cost airlines too. Thailand’s Thai AirAsia, India’s IndiGo and Malaysia’s AirAsia have all managed to offer a third of more of capacity Bangkok Don Mueung, Bengaluru and Kuala Lumpur, respectively.

You can read the full story in depth here on the Blue Swan Daily website.

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