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CONquering europe- 10% and counting

Inspired by the story last week that Ryanair is now the largest airline in Italy, we’ve taken a look at the share of capacity that this confident and provocative Irish airline has across Europe.


It's Friday, and its been a long week...

So, it's time for some fun.


League leaders changing

As football evolves so does the airline industry and we’re taking a light-hearted look at how those parallels shape up as the Premier League season draws to its conclusion.



A few days of chilly weather, an increase in political tension or a short-term production issue frequently leads to a spike in the price of oil as the world panics at the thought of shortages


Istanbul builds connecting capacity

Forwardkeys has recently reported seeing a sharp uptake in bookings with a stopover at Instanbul Airport and a decline in passengers booking via Abu Dhabi over the first quarter of 2018.

AIRPorts designed for designers by designers. Has the market moved on? John grant, partner at midas aviation comments...

The recent Designcurial article on the best airports in the world highlights a major challenge that architects and builders have in developing new airport terminals.


WOW, India's long-haul market is about to heat up...

Air India’s privatisation continues to progress although at such a slow rate that both existing and potential new market entrants must be delighted. The rapid growth and development of the domestic market has received much attention in recent months and rightly so; but for Air India the real worry is more around the looming arrival of long-haul low-cost services to the market.


More Norwegian Thank You Think

When you already operate 144 aircraft, have outstanding orders for another 217 aircraft of which 38 will be delivered in 2018 and a further 112 by the end of 2020, then you clearly have an optimistic outlook on future demand. And when you are operating in some mature markets, being creative about where and how you develop becomes increasingly important. Norwegian are certainly meeting that brief.

Whilst the airline’s reach and growth has taken the carrier to nearly every corner on the planet, perhaps the most surprising element has been just how much the carrier has been developing in Scandinavia.


BOGOFS and blue monday's

It’s always flattering to be asked to appear on a news channel to discuss the aviation industry, especially at 05:00 on a dark January morning in London. CNBC kindly invited me on to their “Street Signs” programme for a discussion on aviation issues last week, and conversation quickly turned to some interesting and topical subjects. As the programme was winding up I was able to sit and chat informally with the presenters Joumanna Bercetche and Willem Marx, adding depth and colour to the issues. They were quick to highlight some of the inconsistencies that we, in the industry, grapple with every day.

MIDAS Partner, john grant discusses THE AIRBUS A380 LIVE ON CNBC

On Tuesday John Grant discussed the difficulties the Airbus A380 is currently facing and its potential future in the industry live on CNBC.


Qatar coping in a changing world

Since the decision on June 5th 2017 by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt to bar Qatari registered aircraft from their airspace, there has – inevitably – been considerable impact on Qatari air traffic. With preliminary traffic data now available with OAG until October 2017 it’s possible to see what the size of the hit has been, and how Qatar is adapting.


Santa is upgrading his choice of vehicle for this year’s dash around the globe.

In one evening, he probably travels further than any frequent flyer and has, over the years, probably travelled on some very chilly equipment delivering all those presents. But perhaps, just like the rest of us, Santa is upgrading his choice of vehicle for this year’s dash around the globe.

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Bandwidth Impacts London Runway Capacity Development
No Decision Before 2020?

It’s frustrating enough when your own personal bandwidth drops off at home and the final ten minutes of the latest Netflix blockbuster gets disrupted. But for UK aviation the apparent lack of bandwidth in the UK Government to address the ongoing capacity/runway issues in the South East of England is just another delay to a failed process.

Brexit Bandwidth.png


In the final part of our series with Blue Swan Daily about the degree to which some of the world’s largest airports are dominated by a single carrier, we comment on the wisdom of airport expenditure on route development when decisions are effectively in the hands of one airline.

Slots Represent No Gamble for British Airways

Despite interest from others it seems that British Airways, or more accurately IAG, offered the highest price for the Monarch slots at London Gatwick and have rapidly acquired a useful set of new slots for the Summer 2018 season. But do they represent a gamble by BA?

Slot machine.png


Continuing the series developed in association with Blue Swan Daily, our fourth installment considers the look at the airports in Europe, Middle East and Africa which are most and least dominated by a single airline. Among the Top 100 airports located in this region Manchester Airport, Palma de Mallorca Airport and Moscow Domodedovo Airport are those where the largest airline has the smallest share of overall capacity. Perhaps surprisingly, some of the main airports serving Europe’s capital cities – Madrid, Lisbon, Copenhagen and Stockholm - are also relatively free of airline domination. 



In the third of our series with Blue Swan Daily on the world’s Top 100 airports, we’re looking at how airlines dominate some hub airports and not others, and specifically the situation in the US.


Boeing’s Dream Comes True…..

For Boeing executives, the last few days may seem just like a dream. An order from Emirates for some 40 B787’s and a thumbs down on a highly anticipated order for A380’s casts further doubt on the continued production of the capacity giant.

Behind the headline is perhaps a subtle change in strategy for Emirates and an acceptance that big is not entirely beautiful in a changing world full of competition and uncertainty. This winter sees the first slowdown in overall capacity supplied season on season from the big three Middle East carriers for many years. Whilst Qatar Airways capacity cuts are clearly not of their choice, Emirates have also reduced frequency by 1% and Etihad by some 3%. A hiatus in aircraft deliveries for all carriers in 2017 may account for the slowdown but competitive pressure is building from all sides.


Airline dominance at airports across asia pacific

The second in-depth analysis in our latest series carried out by the Blue Swan Daily and MIDAS Aviation partnership considered the market share of dominant airlines at the biggest Asian and Australasian airports.

While the three major Chinese airports each have a dominant Chinese carrier (China Southern at Guangzhou, Air China and Beijing and China Eastern at Shanghai Pudong) many of the next tier of leading Chinese airports have no such airline domination.


Middle East Temperatures Begin to Cool Down…First Signs of Global Warming Slowing!

The delivery of Emirates 100th A380 last week was well publicised, especially by Airbus seeking to squeeze the last drops of confidence in the aircrafts’ future. The arrival of the IATA Winter Season suggests that for all the positive spin around new aircraft deliveries the market may be cooling down.

MidEast carriers.JPG


It’s an irony of a global industry that many airlines find their costs are set in US Dollars (USD) whilst for some  much of their revenue is generated from other currencies. It leads to an already overly complex industry notorious for its low margins, also having to contend with the vagaries of foreign exchange rates. This week International Airlines Group (IAG) CEO, Willie Walsh commented on this issue posing a risk to some European carriers who may be exposed to a heavy USD cost base.



The Blue Swan Daily, in partnership with MIDAS Aviation, have carried out an in-depth analysis of the world’s ‘Top 100’ airports by capacity, highlighting differences in airport approaches to route development, passenger profile trends between different destinations, those airports that have the most reliance upon a single airline partner and those that have the biggest diversity of airline partners. 


The Exotic Southwest- Surf's Up in Long beach, oakland, phoenix, orange county aND las vegas

They are many things; but few would ever describe Southwest Airlines as exotic. But their planned expansion into Hawaii alongside their more recent Caribbean adventures will seem exotic alongside much of their network.