Aviation Summits

Aviation Summits


There is no shortage of discussion but there are few events that include as much action as those that MIDAS Aviation arrange. 
It's easy to travel from one event to another in today's global environment without gaining much insight as most events just skim the surface, but we dive in deep!

Our concept is simple - take one theme, get key decision makers in the room, discuss the "elephants in the room", share experiences and build understanding. Small, almost intimate in size, our summits are designed for networking and building on established relationships. 

So far MIDAS Aviation have held three summits in Europe and Asia, either directly or via our partner organisation, the Institute for Aviation Research (IAR). Each has been a unique gathering of senior Chinese and European airline, airport and government representatives to discuss how to move air service development forward.

September 2016 – China-Europe Aviation Symposium
University of Surrey, UK

May 2017 – First China-Europe Aviation Summit
Beijing, People’s Republic of China

May 2018 – Second China-Europe Aviation Summit
Beijing, People’s Republic of China

We've had senior government representatives participate, airline CEO's share their perspectives, tourism stakeholders highlight their challenges, key distributors provide unique market insights and airport CEO's engage in lively discussions on their markets. 

Our strategy is to spot a market or theme that deserves a deeper discussion and explore if there is an opportunity for a Summit. Frequently our own content and analysis makes us dig deeper and leads to a discussion about the need for a Summit.

If you think that you have a subject, issue or theme for such a Summit, we'd love to hear from you and discuss how to shape such an event.

I look back at a very interesting week, even though I have been to China many times, I always learn new things and each day at the Summit was very valuable to me.
— Aviation Marketing Director, Major European Airport

The programme for the 2018 Summit focused on three key themes:

Air Service Development
With new services realised through participation at last year’s event and more scheduled services to be announced by Chinese carriers during the course of 2018 the summit will looked at what markets will be the next to secure service. Key themes that discussed included: -

            Potential changes to air service agreements in the next three years.

            The potential for secondary city development in China.

            The partnership approach to route development as seen from a Chinese Airline.

Ancillary Revenue & Loyalty Programmes
Amongst some of the highest spenders when travelling overseas how can airports and airlines maximise ancillary revenues. Amongst areas that were explored were: -

            The power of e-commerce and social media channels in ancillary revenue generation.

            The power of the electronic wallet amongst Chinese travellers and how to gain share.

            How loyalty programmes can be used to generate revenue amongst travellers.

On-Time Performance and Operational Efficiency in China
Rapid market growth and capacity constraints have placed pressure on capacity leading to some challenges with on-time performance. This session explored the subject in great detail, covering such areas as: -

            Fact or fiction, what are the key facts around OTP in the region.

            How airlines are addressing this issue with key insights from locally based Airlines.

            New technology solutions and their adoption at Chinese Airports.