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About MIDAS Aviation

Three people, one shared obsession, one great Aviation consultancy! 

After working together for many years as clients and consultants we came to the conclusion that we had even more to offer if we worked together.

We have experience in all areas of the aviation market, both geographically and by segment. 


The Team



John Grant 

I ‘stumbled’ into aviation and some would say am still stumbling my way through! An opportunity to play cricket around the world whilst working for an airline seemed too good an opportunity to miss. But once I’d started and worked through the basics of airline revenue accounting, fare calculations, three letter airport codes and seen how the business work it became a fascinating opportunity for a career in which I’ve met and been inspired by some amazing experiences.

I’ve been fortunate to work across every part of the aviation sector, market research, marketing (oh those Caledonian Girls!), commercial planning, sales, network planning, major airline rebrand, airport operations and business transformation. In all of those exciting roles the one thing I have learnt is the power and knowledge that a good awareness of data brings, great data provides great insight and power; and to those that taught me that lesson, thank you!

I’m really looking forward to using all that experience to make a difference for clients and customers in the coming years and to grow your businesses.




Becca Rowland

My life as an analyst began in the days when airline staff jumped on a free flight on a Friday night and learned to live ‘stand-by’. With a Physics degree and an MBA it was no surprise that I moved from one job in aviation to another, always working with data, usually trying to communicate meaning, and adept at understanding strategy.

With nearly three decades of international air transport experience behind me I have a global perspective and a deep understanding of markets and the drivers of demand.

I still enjoy finding the meaning in the numbers, telling the story in the data, and then communicating that as valuable insight and actionable straetgy to clients.




Deirdre Fulton

Aviation beckoned early. Summers spent making tannoy calls and manning an airport information desk meant I caught the aviation ‘bug’ at the start of my career.  This led to operational and then commercial roles at BAA’s airports in Scotland.  Several data heavy jobs later, I found myself adept at interpreting and analysing the numbers then communicating their meaning, often to key decision makers both internally and externally.

As BAA’s dominance of the UK Airport industry began to change, I turned to freelance consulting and have been kept busy on global airport projects ever since. I can’t imagine ever leaving the industry, and there’s still a part of me that misses those operational days so I take great delight in hanging out at airports when I can – much to my family’s dismay!

A typical day might involve generating content for a client’s social media channels, or advising an airport investor on the demand generated in a catchment area for an airport, or crunching numbers for an in-depth piece of analysis to help a tourist board work out which markets to target next.   Organising things comes naturally to me and I love the challenge of turning round a piece of work and helping clients to move their businesses forward.